Зимняя коллекция одежды от Людмилы Романовой
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Just as an artist creates his pictures using paints, so do we make fascinating clothes using 100 per cent wool of different colours. This noble fabric makes our products light, warm and resistant to bleaching. A rich choice of colours comprising 300 shades enables a creator to realize any of his intentions. Each piece of clothing is unique and feels a gentle touch of its maker.

Contacts us : +7(495)234-8236
E-mail: info@woolart.ru

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Раздел в стадии разработки
Раздел в стадии разработки
Раздел в стадии разработки

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The products include women's, men's and children's waistcoats with a fancy applique work, women's and children's ponchos, short coats and cardigans, headdress, bags as well as Russian folk clothes-girls sarafans and boys folk shirts. A big variety of our goods is easy to please any demanding customer.
Thanks to our original technology we have created an exclusive collection of waistcoats the only one of its kind. The collection has been presented at the exhibitions and fairs in numerous cities and towns in Russia, France, Italy, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg, Hungary and Kuwait.
We are greatly interested in promoting our collection and would gratefully consider any offers to represent our products in the regions.
We are given essential assistance by Moscow government and the local authorities of the southern area of Moscow.

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