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Souvenir Shops in Moscow
The Cosmos Hotel. Prospect Mira, 150. tel.234 14 82; 234 13 85 9:00-23:00
The Ukraine Hotel. Kutuzovsky Prospect tel.933 69 90
The Russia Hotel. Varvarka st.6
Arbat st.43. Shop'Souvenirgrad
Arbat st.4. Shop Russky Promisel
Arbat st. 32. Shop Russky souvenir
Arbat st.27. Shop Arbatskaya Lavitsa,9:00-21:00
Red Square 1.Shop in Historical museum tel.923 39 63
The Airport Sheremetyevo II . Shop Port Alliance.
Clothes Shops in Moscow
Vetoshny Pereulok. GUM. , floor 1.womens Clothes Department. Only outerwear introduced [ponchos, kadigans]
Teatralny Proezd. 5. Tsentralny Detsky Mir. Floor 1. Souvenir Stall [children's waistcoats] Floor3 [children's ponchos]
Souvenir Shops in St.Peterburg
Nevsky Prospect.18. Shop Nevsky Souvenirs tel. 312 66 76 10.oo-23.oo
Nevsky Prospect.58. Shop Nevsky Souvenirs. 10.oo-23.oo
Dekabristov st.3.Shop Senat' tel.325 83 34 09.oo-19.oo

Robespyer Embankment 16. Shop Art City.tel. 275 55 12 09.oo-19.oo

Italyanskaya St. 11. Shop Onegin tel. 315-29-26

Dumskaya st. 4. Trade Center Perinye Ryadi 1 fl.

St. Petersburg Subway 111. Russian village Shuvalovka tel. 427 53 93

The Pribaltiskaya Hjtel. Floor1. Souvenir shop

The St.Peterburg Hotel. Floor 1. Souvenir shop
The Russia Hotel. Floor 1. Souvenir shop
The Moskva Hotel. Floor1. Souvtnir shop
Clothes Shops in St. Petersburg
Nevsky Prospect, 35. Department Store Bolshoy Gostiny Dvor. In outer wear department ponchos, cardigans introduced. In childrens clothes department ponchos and headgear introduced.

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